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Cricket Welcomes home Justin & Sal Zirpola

This September, a team of Cricket Buffalo employees, Hospice Buffalo/Essential Care for Children volunteers and staff, Make a Wish Foundation of Western New York, Centennial Homes representatives and local business partners coordinated by Rebuilding Together, welcomed Buffalo natives Sal and Justin Zirpola to their newly remodeled home in the Seneca Babcock neighborhood.


The makeover was crucial to the family as it allowed Justin to go outdoors for the first time in more than two years.  Diagnosed at birth with severe spinal stenosis and uncontrolled seizures, Justin was bed-bound and lives with his dad in an upstairs apartment.


The remodeled home features a sliding patio door, sun deck and wheelchair ramp for Justin to have access outdoors. In addition, the team completed many new features to the home including adding fresh landscaping and green accents, favorites of Justin’s mom who died unexpectedly last November.


For the second year in a row, Cricket was one of the top national sponsors of Rebuilding Together, a national, non-profit organization dedicated to bringing volunteers and communities together to rehabilitate and revitalize homes and communities for low-income residents. As Rebuilding Together doesn’t have a local presence in Buffalo, Cricket partnered with Hopsice/Essential Care for Children to complete the renovations for Justin and Sal and wish them good health and happiness in their newly remodeled home.


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