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Cricket Rail Jam Tour shreds in SLC

The University of Utah joined the list of campuses across the nation to be invaded by The Campus Rail Jam Tour, mobilized by Cricket Wireless and Ford.


Fans and students came out in droves to check out all the extreme sports action on campus – and boy was there action to be seen!


As the first heat got underway it was evident that these kids meant business. Forget about sloppy tricks or presses, the riding was all textbook and the style was on point. Three twenty-person heats gave riders a chance to have some fun and impress judges in hopes of landing a spot in the finals, and that’s just what they did. While the comp was fun to watch there’s no telling how stressful it must have been to judge. Utah riders really knew how to utilize the features and got super creative with a mix of pretzels, presses, pivots and more degrees of rotation than the judges could count!


Utah is historically one of the best stops along the tour and after this year’s competition it’s easy to see why!

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