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Cricket Offers Least Expensive Way to Get an IPhone, According to WSJ

Cricket offers least expensive way to get an iPhone

At Cricket, we’ve always been focused on giving our customers the best value for their money. With no credit checks and no contracts to sign, we provide freedom, flexibility and the opportunity for customers to choose the mobile plan and phone that works for their lifestyle.  As such, we’re been thrilled to offer pre-paid iPhone 4S plans that, over two years, come at a lower cost than other providers like AT&T and Sprint.


Now, the Wall Street Journal has taken notice. In a recent article, the WSJ compared the cost of an iPhone plan with other wireless carriers and determined it’s possible to save over $1000 over 2 years with an iPhone from Cricket, as compared with current costs with AT&T or Verizon.


WSJ Names Cricket as the least expensive way to get an iPhone


Check out the rest of the article, “For iPhone Users, Plans Get Cheaper” and get more information about our pre-paid iPhone plans.


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