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Cricket Helps to Rebuild Las Vegas Home

The Las Vegas Cricket team came together with Home Service Plus on April 24th, in honor of National Rebuilding Day, to unveil the revitalization to one residents’ home.  The team worked tirelessly to make a positive impact and change this local homeowner’s life. 


The homeowner, a widow with a developmentally challenged daughter, had lived in her home for approximately five years after purchasing it in as-is condition for a bargain price with her late husband’s death benefits. The 67-year-old home was in dire need of repairs, with damage including a collapsed roof, no heat, no substantial cooling unit and a serious insect problem.  The house received a complete interior rebuild with new roof, inner walls, windows, carpet, paint, electrical wiring, plumbing and appliances, plus exterior paint and landscaping of the front yard. 


The homeowners, Nancy and Destiny Christensen, enjoyed a day of horseback riding and bowling while the volunteers put all the finishing touches on the house.  Upon arriving back at their home they were greeted by all the volunteers and FOX 5 TV cameras to unveil their beautiful new home and enjoy a fun barbeque to celebrate.  It was a touching moment to see the Cricket and Home Service Plus teams come together and make such a significant impact in the life of this family.

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