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Cricket Continues its Donation of Phones to Rocky Mountain Children's Health Foundation

Cricket is proud to announce its continued support of the Rocky Mountain Children's Health (RMCH) Foundation, by donating 20 phones with unlimited service.


Cricket first donated phones with unlimited nationwide calling services to RMCH in May of 2010, allowing families to stay in touch with their sick loved ones. Patients and families at all seven Denver-area facilities have the ability to call family and friends long distance 24/7 for free. 


Many patients and families benefit from using these donated Cricket phones, and have shared their gratitude with the RMCH social workers and nurses.  One example is with High Risk Ante-Partum patients who reside outside of Colorado, these women can stay from 1 to 2 months until their babies are born.  “One of our moms was in labor at 26 weeks. Her husband could not make it for the delivery and she had no money for a phone card or cell phone. She was able to use a Cricket-donated phone to talk to him throughout the labor and delivery – so although he could not be here physically, they were still together via phone – they were very thankful.”


Being able to stay in touch with friends and family is a key part of the healing process and Cricket is proud to continually support local community foundations with the means to help people stay in contact with family and friends, nationwide, when needed most

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