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Cricket Chicago Rebuilds Bronzeville Community

Cricket’s Rebuilding Day in Chicago made a huge impact in the Bronzeville community by partnering with the Center for New Horizons, a non-profit social service agency serving the Southside of Chicago. The Center provides the tools for achieving strong, family-based, self reliant communities through youth services, foster care, senior services and workforce development programs.


Dedicated volunteers from Cricket braved the elements of rain and wind on Saturday, September 18th, determined to make a difference in the lives of those relying on the Center, while spreading awareness of Cricket’s respect for the local communities. Volunteers transformed a large vacant lot into a beautiful outdoor area for all ages to enjoy. Projects included constructing a playground and wooden deck with patio furniture, landscaping the entire perimeter and painting the adoption center and educational murals to be displayed outside the building. Cricket Volunteer efforts resulted in true pride and the accomplishment of one common goal as a team. A week after the project was complete, The Center invited Cricket to return to the site to dedicate the lot and open it for the community to view.

Way to Go Cricket Chicago!

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