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Cricket ‘Employs’ Green Solution For Less Green Pastures

Goat Rental NW is using goats to help control weeds in an earth-friendly way!

When Cricket needed to clear blackberry brambles from its cell tower sites in Oregon, Keith Casey, network operations manager, called Georgina Stiner at Goat Rental NW.  It wasn’t long before 20 of Stiner’s best “employees” reported for their first day of work. This job is a trial for the company, but Casey said he expects to go on contract with Goat Rental NW for 30 or 40 of the company's approximately 260 cell sites in Oregon and Washington — the ones with the worst blackberry problem.


According to Casey, “Blackberries are very invasive ‘weeds’ in the Northwest; they will take over a cell site in a matter of one to three months if not controlled. Currently we have a contract with Northwoods maintenance to provide weed and blackberry control on our worst sites in the Oregon footprint -- about 50 total sites out of 262. Although their method is consistent and very effective, it utilizes harmful chemicals to keep these areas weed- and primarily blackberry-free. I heard about goat rentals through a local radio station advertisement and proceeded to look into this as a greener approach to what we do now. One goat will eat about 1,600 square feet of weeds and blackberries a day. I have set up a single-site free trial of the goats and depending on the results, we may be taking on goat rentals for all our blackberry and weed control needs.”


Goat Rental NW is growing quickly, capitalizing on the earth-friendly trend of using hungry animals to keep invasive plant species under control without having to resort to chemical sprays. Watch the Cricket team and their goat helpers in a video from a local Oregon TV station. 

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