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AutoWiFi for Wi-Fi Connectivity


Welcome to the AutoWiFi application from Cricket. This free application helps you save your mobile data allowance, provides the fastest connection speeds available, and extends data coverage where Wi-Fi is available. Additionally, AutoWiFi gives you access to the world’s largest network of pre-qualified Wi-Fi hotspots including many of your favorite coffee houses, stores, and fast food restaurants. Once set-up, AutoWiFi operates in the background – no user intervention is required.


AutoWiFi improves the Wi-Fi connection manager that is included with the Android operating system by determining whether to connect to the cellular network or available Wi-Fi networks based on the quality of the connection.  AutoWiFi also takes care of the sign-in steps automatically for millions of pre-qualified public Wi-Fi hotspots.


Benefits of AutoWiFi:

  • Data usage does not deduct from your high-speed data allowance
  • Typically higher data speeds than cellular network
  • Better data experience during peak hours due to reduced traffic on the network
  • Expanded coverage especially indoors through Wi-Fi hotspots where cellular signal cannot reach
  • Automatically selects the best network, whether Wi-Fi or cellular, to get best speed and reception
  • Ability to talk on the phone while using data at the same time 


Compatibility: Only Android smartphones sold since January 2013 are currently qualified to use this application. Not available for iPhone or Blackberry OS.


How to get it: AutoWiFi comes pre-loaded on some phones or may come to you through a maintenance release that you download to your phone. You just have to accept the End User Licensing Agreement and the application will download, install and start working.


Other phones can get AutoWiFi through the Google Play store. Just do a search for Cricket AutoWiFi or click here. Once loaded you will see the AutoWiFi icon in the apps list where you can set your user preferences.


Click here for FAQs on the AutoWiFi.


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