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6 Essential Earth Day Android Apps

Earth Day Apps

Happy Earth Day! Mobile technology can enhance your Earth Day experience and enable sustainable, environmentally safe activities. These apps for your Android Smartphone provide a fun and environmentally conscious way to discover nearby recycling locations, online buyers for your old shoes or interactive tools that help you reduce your carbon footprint. 


Earth Day App Guide:

  • Paper Karma helps get rid of junk mail and save the Earth - all from your phone! As seen on TechCrunch, AllThingsD, LifeHacker, GeekWire, NBC, CBS. PaperKarma is the easy way to take control of your paper junk mail and help save the Earth by taking photos! Simply pull out your phone and snap photos of the offending mail. Download Paper Karma for free online at Google play.
  • The Official eBay for Android app enables you to easily browse, shop, sell and manage your eBay activity from your mobile phone. Using eBay while you are on the go is a fast and easy way to repurpose those amazing shoes you never wear and make a little cash with this must-have app for Android! Download the Ebay app for free online at Google play.
  • iRecycle, you Recycle? iRecycle! Get 1,000,000+ ways to reduce your waste & find top green news. iRecycle is a simple way to discover recycling locations in your neighborhood from your mobile phone and offer more than 1 million ways to recycle 300 materials, plus the latest in green news to inform your ongoing Earth Day activities. Download iRecycle at Google play for free.
  • My Planet is an interactive way to understand how day-to-day activities impact your little slice of the planet. This app is gamified and social media enabled so you can earn badges and share your achievements on Facebook.  Download My Planet at Google play for free.
  • Stumble Upon is a creative way to discover new and interesting people, news, pictures, videos and news from across the Web from people who share your interests. With your environmentally focused preferences, your search will automatically find people who share your interests.  It’s as easy as tapping the “Stumble!” button. Download Stumble Upon for free at Google play.
  • Google Earth is an app that allows you to explore the world from the palm of your hand. Use Google Earth to fly around the planet with the swipe of a finger. Explore distant lands or reacquaint yourself with your childhood home. Download Google Earth for free at Google play.


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