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Worldwide Global Subscriptions Reach 5 Billion

Within the month of September 2010, the global subscription rate for cellular phones reached a staggering 5 billion users. This means nearly 75% of the population, worldwide, is using mobile phone service. iSuppli Corporation released this information, and other market research, in order to aid technology leaders of the coming needs of cell phone patrons.


It is expected that the subscription rate will not plateau within the coming months, and that shortly 5.1 billion users will require mobile phone service. These figures include global subscriptions on all types of mobile devices, from the highest-end Smartphones, to the lowest-end devices.


The rate of users within each region of the world dramatically differs, from Africa and Middle Eastern countries that report nearly 50% wireless usage, to the overwhelming 156.7% of users in Europe. The figure for Europe is explained by the common duplication of devices among professionals in the region.



If a person would like to fathom what 5 billion people means, then they need only consider that the population of the planet Earth was approximately 5 billion in 1987. Today, the population is approximately 6.87 billion, and growing (though, at a slower rate than cell phone subscriptions!)


Many consumers and cellular industry leaders would like to see similar numbers with pre-paid phones included in the statistics, but thus far, those numbers are unavailable. One thing is sure, though, and that is the overwhelming preference of mobile devices to standard, built-in telephones. Many companies that have focused on in-home telephone models are being forced to broaden their scopes, and think about the cellular marketplace.


Another point of interest for both consumers and producers in the mobile market is the growing interest in built-in applications: from $4.4 billion in 2010, the pre-loaded applications market is expected to grow to $7.7 billion in 2014. 2014 also marks the expected year that subscriptions will reach 6 billion, globally.

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