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Workout Apps that Actually Work

Android Workout Apps that Actually Work

The market is filled with apps that make empty promises to take your workout to the next level. If you're interested in an Android workout app that actually works as hard as you do, check out these add-ons for your smartphone:

Cardio Trainer
Cost: Free, with extras for $2.99


The free version of the CardioTrainer adds these features to your Android phone:


  • GPS-enabled routing superimposed on a satellite-quality map


  • Statistical tracking including steps taken, miles covered, average pace, and calories burned


  • Customizable features and workout history information


This racing application is a paid add-on, but the challenge it offers is worth a few bucks; it allows you to race against your best times and urges you on with a vocal indicator that announces whether you're ahead or behind your personal record. Add a weight-loss module for another $2.99 to cover all your bases.


EndoMondo Sports Tracker
Cost: Free


This popular Android app integrates with both Google Maps and your music collection to track your progress and provide a pleasant workout experience. Whether you run, bike, jog, or walk, this GPS-enabled app keeps track of your speed, distance, altitude, and time. Best of all, EndoMondo stores your workout history and uploads it to the full-blown website for a detailed evaluation of your workouts and overall progress.


Absolute Fitness
Cost: $4.99


If you like to keep track of your workouts, this Android app is definitely worth the price. Although you have to enter certain information into your phone, Absolute Fitness keeps a running history of your entire fitness program and allows you to review the information via user-friendly graphs and charts. Here are just a few ways this app can help you stay fit:

  • Absolute Fitness can calculate calorie expenditures for over 180 different activities


  • Enter your food choices to keep a running picture of your nutrition for the day, using a database containing complete information for more than 10,000 different food items


  • Keep track of your weight, blood pressure, and body-fat percentage


  • Take notes and track your personal goals, like daily water intake


The Workout Manager


The Workout Manager helps keep your exercise routine fresh. In addition to the pre-designed exercise templates that anyone can choose from, this app walks you through creating your own exercise program. Although this app is designed to be simple and easy for anyone to use, some users report that they miss a few of the more complicated bells and whistles like historical tracking.


AllSport GPS
Cost: $9.99


When an app has a ten dollar price tag, it had better work as promised or the developers will hear about it. Thankfully, this app delivers the goods by offering a feature that many other exercise apps have neglected: social networking capabilities. With AllSport GPS, you can share your fitness goals, daily progress, and workout routines on Facebook and other sites In addition, users get the following features:

  • Tracking for speed, time, distance, routes, and calories burned


  • Downloads for maps, routes, elevation, and virtual races


  • Robust GPS capabilities


Backpacker GPS Trails

 Cost: $9.99


Another pricey app, but it's a lot more affordable than a dedicated GPS unit. Plus it provides even more capabilities. If you enjoy a great hike, you'll appreciate these features:


  • Geotagging for pictures and videos


  • Map downloads


  • Local trail recommendation


  • Location tracking for hikes and other treks


  • Thousands of hikes endorsed by Backpacker magazine


Beer Gut Fitness
Cost: $0.99


Most fitness programs don't advise indulging in alcohol. Beer Gut Fitness is smart enough to know that an alcoholic reward is a powerful incentive to get off the couch. This app tracks your exercise program and calorie expenditure and lets you know when you've earned a drink.

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