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What's Fun, New and Relevant to You with the New Android 2.2

When consumers buy a new mobile device, they want their new purchase to be something they can brag about and show off to their friends, right? Well, that's partly true for some, but customers definitely want a device that's going to deliver the kind of quality, service and convenience worthy of the investment.


The Androidâ„¢ 2.2 platform promised many users potential and high-quality apps with its various bells and technological whistles. What can users of the new release look forward to? Here's a short list of the goodies:


  • From any of the five home screen panels, users can access the phone, launcher and browser.


  • The new update allows users to use the Nexus One to act as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. It can share over eight devices simultaneously.


  • Multiple languages can now be added to the keyboard for multi-lingual users.


  • The home screen tips widget allows users to configure the home screen with customizable shortcuts.


  • Security enhancements utilize numeric pin or alpha-numeric password to unlock the Android. Password policies can be enforced via exchange administrators in the event of a lost or stolen device.


  • Looking for an address? Global access to address lists is available in the email application. This equips users with finding recipient names from the directory.


  • The new gallery allows a peek into pictures and images by using the zoom gesture so that users can preview before they select.


  • Camera buttons on the screen now provide access to controlling the zoom, flash, and geo-tagging and also providing a way to pre-set the video size preference for the camcorder. The camcorder's LED flash can be used to shoot at night or in low light settings.


  • As a portable hotspot, the Android technology has improved the browser significantly using the V8 engine, which also super-loads those Java script pages.


  • The Kernel Memory has significantly improved, boosting the memory chain up to twenty times faster. The result? A faster application switching mechanism and better performance quality on those memory constrained devices overall.

The long list of improvements with Android 2.2 will satisfy many functionality needs for Android smartphone users. Be on the lookout for new updates with faster and better settings.

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