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6 Forgotten Features: Things You Should Use on Your BlackBerry Curve

Even just out of the box and in the hands of a newbie, the BlackBerry Curve is a powerful tool. You may not encounter all the cool things that are built into the OS unless you investigate. Here, we will provide six forgotten features you should certainly use on your BlackBerry Curve.


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Who Uses Prepaid Wireless?

Word has gotten out about the many benefits of prepaid wireless cell phone plans and consumers have responded by switching from traditional post-paid phone contracts. In 2009, the prepaid wireless market grew by 17%, outselling post-paid contracts for the first time. Why the change? The reasons may vary from customer-to-customer. However, it is safe to say that prepaid wireless users value the simplicity, predictability, and flexibility of a prepaid wireless plan. Additionally, consumers no longer have to sacrifice style for value, as many companies begin releasing stylish options for prepaid cell phones.


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The Holy Grail of Android: Insider Secrets of the OS

If you own an Android device, you have discovered that it is broadly capable, with features that do not make it into the user manuals. Here are the essential things you need to know about the Android OS, along with some insider secrets you may not have known.


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Set Up an Email Account on your BlackBerry

Setting up personal email on your BlackBerry is quick and easy. Your BlackBerry supports a number of different email services, including Gmail and Yahoo!, making it convenient to get your email on-the-go.


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