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Celebrate the End of Summer with 7 Staycation Apps

The end of summer is here, but there’s still time to fit in a vacation, especially if you make it a staycation. Find fun, new ways to explore your city with your Cricket smartphone and this selection of Android apps for events, hiking, boating, surfing, watching movies, taking pictures and many other activities for you and the whole family.


Kids Zoo Animal Sounds & Photos

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Use these Android Apps to plan your summer staycation.

Is Your Teen Ready for a Cell Phone?

Many teens are heading back to school with a new accessory, their very own cell phone. If you haven’t yet decided if your teen is ready to go mobile, take a look through this handy checklist. With many teenagers operating independently on the way to and from school, participating in after-school activities and team sports throughout the school-year and beyond, a cell phone may be a smart decision. However, it’s important to have a plan in place to ensure responsible use.


Why does your teen need a cell phone?


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5 Essential Summer Android Apps for 2012

This summer’s biggest sporting event kicks off on July 27 in London. This year’s event is perhaps the most socially connected sporting event to date, with more than 735,000 Twitter followers and half a million Facebook likes weeks before the traditional torch lighting ceremony takes place.  Beyond staying up to date on the latest medal count and news via social media, visit the 2012 Summer Olympics mobile site and update your Android Smartphone with these essential apps.

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Get Your Summer Sweat on with 7 Mobile Fitness Apps for Android

Summer is right around the corner and no doubt your beach body is in need of some extra love. However, before you consider plunking down some major change for that fancy gym membership, remember that as an Android Smartphone owner you have a virtual personal trainer in your pocket. Whether you’re looking to go from blah to bootylicious or are already a full-blown fitness fanatic, the Android Market has a fierce selection of fitness apps to promote a healthy lifestyle and provide the motivation you crave.

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