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Complete Guide to Resetting Your Android Phone

Has your treasured Android smartphone went from lightning fast to slow and glitchy? Much like a standard computer, adding new apps and customizing your settings can eventually cause problems. When this happens, resetting your Android to the factory settings is usually the solution.

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Reset Android Phone

What is a QR Code and How is it Being Used?

You may have seen a number of consumer reports that show how smartphone cameras can now be used to take a picture of a funny looking little box on products to find information and money-saving offers. This odd, black-and-white pattern (sometimes with a bit of color thrown in) is completely indecipherable to the human eye, but your smartphone can read this secret language known as a QR, or quick response, code.

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What is a QR Code and How is it Used? | Cricket Wireless

3 Must-Have Apps for Social Butterflies

Mobile phone technology lends itself to social networking better than any other online activity. What good is finding the hot new club with your GPS if you can’t share it with your friends?


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Social Media Apps

3 Must-Have Apps for Today's Business Professionals

With the help of modern technology, today's business professionals are no longer tied to a desk. Laptops, smartphones, and WiFi connections make working from any location commonplace.

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