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See How Your Mobile Phone Saves You Money [INFOGRAPHIC]

Interested in saving a few bucks this holiday season? Check our Cricket’s new money saving infographic to learn how your cell phone can save you in ways you never thought possible!


Top five tips for using your mobile phone to save money:

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3 Most Common Problems with Cell Phones

Cell phones have revolutionized the way that people live. Since you can receive calls no matter where you are, you don’t have to stay in your office all day waiting for an important call. You can also keep closer ties to your family. Instead of running through the neighborhood looking for your kids, you just pick up the phone and dial a number.


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Common Cell Phone Problems

Troubleshooting Common Cell Phone Reception Issues in Buildings


First things first: is the cause of your bad reception your area, the building you’re in, your phone, or your carrier? In most cases, you will have purchased a phone that has optimal service in your area, so the carrier is rarely the issue. Once you identify the factors that are contributing to your bad signal, you can remedy the problem in most cases.


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