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Your life is on your phone. That’s why we provide you the features you need to stay organized. Here you’ll find tips, guides and info about everything from calendars to contact lists.

Cut through the Email Clutter with the Android Gmail App

Android’s Gmail app allows you to prioritize your inbox to organize your email according to your own criteria. With this type of virtual assistant, you'll never again miss that email from your boss that got buried under the rest of your mail!


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Android Gmail App | Priority Inbox

Tips for your Android Smartphone Calendar


Set up and customize your Android smartphone calendar to stay organized and up-to-date.


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The Cricket Navigator GPS Device

Cricket Communications is part of the Leap Wireless network. In just one year, Cricket has grown from nearly four million customers, to just under five million. Cricket’s flat rates, pre-paid options, and value innovations make it a successful industry leader in wireless communications. The Navigator, a voice-guided navigation solution that gives turn-by-turn directions, is powered by none other than the former Networks in Motion, Telecommunications Systems.


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Cricket Navigator

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