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See How Your Mobile Phone Saves You Money [INFOGRAPHIC]

Interested in saving a few bucks this holiday season? Check our Cricket’s new money saving infographic to learn how your cell phone can save you in ways you never thought possible!


Top five tips for using your mobile phone to save money:

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Upgrade Your Life While Downsizing Your Budget

Cricket has partnered with personal finance and savings expert Robert Pagliarini (@rPagliarini) to offer easy tips to help people stretch already-tight budgets.


“As the economy struggles to recover, people are looking for new ways to save money,” said Pagliarini, author of The Other 8 Hours, Six-Day Financial Makeover and a certified financial planner. “But no one wants to cut all of the fun and entertainment out of their lives, especially with deeply personal devices like cell phones and electronics.”

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Round 4: Did You Know? 3 New Tips to Help You Save Money

10. Closing applications on your cell phone when not using them can improve the life of your battery. (Also, downloading a “task manager” is a useful app to manage apps running in background that may be using up battery life you didn’t know about)


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Did You Know? Smart Money Saving Tips

BlackBerry Curve 8530 Tips & Tricks for Noobs

If you don’t know what a noob is, and this is your first Smartphone, then you’re reading the right article! Come along for a journey through the very basics of your new BlackBerry Curve 8350.


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BlackBerry Curve Tips & Tricks

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