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See How Your Mobile Phone Saves You Money [INFOGRAPHIC]

Interested in saving a few bucks this holiday season? Check our Cricket’s new money saving infographic to learn how your cell phone can save you in ways you never thought possible!


Top five tips for using your mobile phone to save money:

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Is Your Teen Ready for a Cell Phone?

Many teens are heading back to school with a new accessory, their very own cell phone. If you haven’t yet decided if your teen is ready to go mobile, take a look through this handy checklist. With many teenagers operating independently on the way to and from school, participating in after-school activities and team sports throughout the school-year and beyond, a cell phone may be a smart decision. However, it’s important to have a plan in place to ensure responsible use.


Why does your teen need a cell phone?


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What is a QR Code and How is it Being Used?

You may have seen a number of consumer reports that show how smartphone cameras can now be used to take a picture of a funny looking little box on products to find information and money-saving offers. This odd, black-and-white pattern (sometimes with a bit of color thrown in) is completely indecipherable to the human eye, but your smartphone can read this secret language known as a QR, or quick response, code.

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What is a QR Code and How is it Used? | Cricket Wireless

Round 3: Did You Know? 3 New Tips to Help You Save Money

7. Only 8% of people who buy products with cash rebates ever take advantage of them ( Be sure to pay attention to the deadlines and actions required to get the most from all rebates you are offered


8. The average savings from a coupon is $1.44, which takes approximately 1 minute to clip. Multiply that over an hour and it adds up to $86.40 in savings (Wall Street Journal) – so be sure to look out for coupons/special offers on the products you most often buy


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