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Round 4: Did You Know? 3 New Tips to Help You Save Money

10. Closing applications on your cell phone when not using them can improve the life of your battery. (Also, downloading a “task manager” is a useful app to manage apps running in background that may be using up battery life you didn’t know about)


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Did You Know? Smart Money Saving Tips

Smartphone Apps for Smart Consumers

Everyone knows that Cricket Smartphones, like the Blackberry Curve 8530, Huawei Ascend or Sanyo Zio by Kyocera (both powered by Android), allow you to access thousands of apps which can be incredibly helpful at getting the information and fun stuff you want, with the touch of a few keys on your phone!

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Accessing the BlackBerry App World

The BlackBerry App World opens you up to thousands of applications, from social networking and games, to productivity apps. Learn how to download and install BlackBerry App World on your phone in less than one minute.


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The New Android Market


Find all of the latest and most popular apps in the new Android Market.


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