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What's Fun, New and Relevant to You with the New Android 2.2

When consumers buy a new mobile device, they want their new purchase to be something they can brag about and show off to their friends, right? Well, that's partly true for some, but customers definitely want a device that's going to deliver the kind of quality, service and convenience worthy of the investment.


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Cut through the Email Clutter with the Android Gmail App

Android’s Gmail app allows you to prioritize your inbox to organize your email according to your own criteria. With this type of virtual assistant, you'll never again miss that email from your boss that got buried under the rest of your mail!


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Android Gmail App | Priority Inbox

4 Things Worth Knowing About Android Phones

The Android™ OS grew out of a need to make a mobile OS that was faster, more user friendly, and more customizable to each user’s specific needs. So if you are thinking about buying a smartphone in the near future, take a look at some of the functions that set Android cell phones apart from the competition.


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Round 4: Did You Know? 3 New Tips to Help You Save Money

10. Closing applications on your cell phone when not using them can improve the life of your battery. (Also, downloading a “task manager” is a useful app to manage apps running in background that may be using up battery life you didn’t know about)


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Did You Know? Smart Money Saving Tips

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