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Android Apps for Artists

True artists can turn almost anything into a masterpiece when inspiration strikes. To satisfy your need to create on the go, the Android market has a number of free or inexpensive apps that can turn your smart phone into a mobile art studio. If you'd like to express your innermost feelings using your Android, choose one or more of these Android apps for artists.

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Best Websites for Finding Android Apps

As the Android market rapidly expands, the variety of websites offering app downloads can be overwhelming. Which one can you trust to offer the best selection along with the most reliable information? To help answer this question, we've compiled this list of the best websites for finding Android apps.


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Creating Ringtones on Your Android Phone

Ever since cell phones made the transition from irritating chirps to rockin' ringtones, users have been busy downloading their favorite songs. The only problem is that this habit can get a little expensive. If you'd like to save a little money or create a custom sound that no one else could ever duplicate, follow these steps to make your own ringtone.

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3 Expensive Apps That Are Worth the Money

One of the best parts of owning an Android device is that there is a huge selection of useful apps available for download at little to no cost. Don't like your latest choice? No problem. Just uninstall it and try the next one.

Every now and then, a truly amazing app is created that justifies spending more than a dollar or two. If you find this hard to believe, take a look at the following apps that are worth the money.

DocumentsToGo Full Version
Price: $14.99 Sale Price
Downloads: 250,000+

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