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Retro Arcade Games for Android

If your knowledge of Android games starts and ends with Angry Birds, you’re missing out. The Android Market is full of retro arcade games whose simple and addictive nature translates perfectly to the mobile gaming experience. Take a step back in time and revisit these classic games of yesteryear. With a little practice, you might just be able to beat your high score from all those years ago.


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Retro Arcade Games for Android | Space Invaders for Android

Guide to Planning a Holiday Party Using Your Android Phone

Holiday parties always sound like a lot of fun, but planning one can be the last thing you want to do during this busy time of the year. A lack of adequate prep can result in a lifeless function without a bit of seasonal cheer. To pull off the party of the year with a minimal amount of effort, put your trusty Android to work with these fun (and useful) apps.


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Five Apps that Every Android User Should Own

With smartphones more popular than ever and crazy holiday deals right around the corner, there will be a lot of new smartphone owners, which means there are a lot of apps being downloaded. Apps come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you merely need to kill time or be more productive at the office, there’s probably an app to suit your individual needs and tastes. However, there are a select few apps that are so useful that no Android user should be without them. Here are the top 5 essential apps for any Android user. 


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5 Best Education Apps for Kids

Allowing your kids to pass the time playing on your smart phone while you're out and about is a good way to keep the complaints at bay, but how much Angry Birds can you take in one day? For your next trip, surprise your child with something a little more intellectual. Once you see how much fun they're having, you might even want to give it a try. If this sounds like a plan, choose from these educational apps designed with kids in mind.

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