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How to Host a Party Using Your Android Phone

Hosting a party is hard work. You have to keep your guests entertained, relaxed, and talkative…and you have to make sure the bar is fully stocked. The Android Market has a wide selection of party-oriented apps that can make your life easier and keep your guests happy. Here are 4 apps you’ll want to have before your first guests arrive.


Muve Music
Having great music is the quickest way to set the vibe for your party, and you’ll want a diverse selection that you can change at will to go with the mood. Instead of buying individual tracks, consider signing up for Cricket’s Muve Music Plan, which gives you unlimited song downloads included as a flat rate in your monthly plan. You can take requests all night, make your own playlist, or generate automatic playlists using the My DJ feature to provide tunes to keep everyone dancing.

Mix Perfect Drinks
You’ve got to serve more than one type of drink if you’re going to please all of your guests -- You’ll want to enlist the help of the Bartender app. Use the browse feature to scroll through a huge selection of drinks. Look for the wildest names or the tastiest ingredients to treat guests to a unique cocktail. Or, you can take requests and find the exact recipe you need with the Search function. Add any drink to your list of Favorites at any time to quickly access it again later.

Pour the Drinks
Once you’ve got all your drinks mixed, it’s time to start pouring. Get your guests loosened up with the Drinking Games app. You’ll find 33 different drinking games in one convenient app. Each game has its own rules and its own style of play, but they all have the same result: you and your guests have a great time.

Play Anywhere
Download the Dice app to get a pair of dice you can’t possibly lose. Just run the app, decide on the number of die you want to play with (up to six at a time) and start playing. Use the plus or minus signs at the bottom of the screen to remove or add die at will. Shake the Android to throw the dice (they’ll never roll off the table or land in someone’s drink). Along with the Deck of Cards app, you’ll be able to play virtually any drinking game at any moment. Just don’t spill on your phone! 

Android apps will help you have a great party and turn you into the perfect host. You’ll have everything your guests want at the tips of your fingers -- and a great excuse to show off your Android and everything it’s capable of doing. Any gathering will become a memorable, enjoyable party when you’ve got the right apps.

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