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Guide to Planning a Holiday Party Using Your Android Phone

Holiday parties always sound like a lot of fun, but planning one can be the last thing you want to do during this busy time of the year. A lack of adequate prep can result in a lifeless function without a bit of seasonal cheer. To pull off the party of the year with a minimal amount of effort, put your trusty Android to work with these fun (and useful) apps.


Planning Makes All the Difference
Planning is the most important step to throwing a party and the more detailed the plan, the better. Keeping track of everything can become overwhelming. Do yourself a favor and buy the Party Planner app for 99 cents. This helpful app comes with pre-populated lists to keep track of supplies and manage your budget and party schedule. You can also configure the lists to meet your specific party-planning needs. Here are a few of the features included in this helpful app:


  • Quickly check off completed items with a thumb-friendly format


  • Hide and unhide checked items


  • Time-saving check/uncheck all option


  • Instantly know what's done and what's left with totals of completed and uncompleted items


  • Color-coded for visual appeal and ease of use


A $1 app, Christmas Party Checklist has a timeline (in addition to checklists) to remind you when it's time to send out those invitations and shop for perishable items. It sounds holiday specific, but it can be used for any celebration throughout the year.

Also try the Heineken Party Planner. This free app suggests recipe ideas for both food and drink, as well as a party-planning option with easy-to-use tabs for guests, music, food and shopping.


What a Spread!
What’s a party without great food and a few cocktails? Choose the best recipes and stay organized with these useful party apps:


  • In the Kitchen: Recipes, Chefs. Don’t get turned off by the clumsy name, this app from the Food Network is actually fairly elegant. For $1.99, you get instant access to all of the latest recipes and clips from your favorite Food Network shows, plus built-in tools like a unit conversion calculator and a kitchen timer. It even has a specific section for holiday treats. Try the Wreath Cookies!




  • Trippster. This $2.99 trip planner might sound like a curious choice - until you start looking at your list of errands. Trippster organizes your route while you’re out and about shopping for supplies, saving you time for the real planning.


  • 8500+ Drink Recipes. The name says it all  If you have the ingredients, this electronic bartender can satisfy even the most exotic requests, including drinks with names like “The Ricky Martini” and “The Scooby Snack”. Or how about a Candy Cane Cocktail?


Create a Festive Atmosphere
Whether you're ready to bust a move or just set a festive mood, the music is just as important as the refreshments. Whether it’s a raging, all-night dance party or a laid-back get together, you need to pick music that fits the mood of the occasion. But you also need to be prepared in case the party takes an abrupt turn or someone makes an odd request.


  • Muve Music. Be ready to switch things up in a second with Cricket Wireless' Muve Music service. Enjoy pre-configured playlists, create your own, or let guests queue up their own favorites without the need to go through a computer first.


  • Strobe Light. What's music without the proper lighting? Dim the overheads and turn your Android into a red-and-green light show with this free app. (Have your charger handy; it’s a battery drainer)


With a little planning plus some tasty eats and the right jams, this year's event could be the party of the century! Unfortunately, they’ve yet to come up with an app that cleans up your house the morning after. How will you use your Android to plan your next function?

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