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Five Apps that Every Android User Should Own

With smartphones more popular than ever and crazy holiday deals right around the corner, there will be a lot of new smartphone owners, which means there are a lot of apps being downloaded. Apps come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you merely need to kill time or be more productive at the office, there’s probably an app to suit your individual needs and tastes. However, there are a select few apps that are so useful that no Android user should be without them. Here are the top 5 essential apps for any Android user. 


Advanced Task Killer

This app may not be as recognizable as mega-popular apps like Angry Birds or Facebook, but believe it or not, Advanced Task Killer is among the most downloaded apps of all-time. When you open Advanced Task Killer, it shows you a list of all the apps currently running on your phone. Just select the apps you aren’t currently using and Advanced Task Killer shuts them down. Many apps may be running in the background without your knowledge, so regular use of Advanced Task Killer will extend your battery life and improve your phone’s performance. It’s simple and provides a useful service. It’s not hard to see why it’s so popular. 



AndroZip File Manager

If you’ve never used a file manager on your smartphone before, give this one a try and soon you’ll wonder how you ever got along without one. AndroZip can compress groups of big files such as pictures, music, and text documents into more manageable formats like ZIP, RAR, and APK, making them easier to move or transfer to other devices. It also allows you to “unzip” ZIP and RAR files directly from the web onto your phone. If you have a lot of media on your phone, this app is essential for organizing and backing up your files.

Brightest Flashlight

Everyone should have a flashlight app, but how do you choose one out of the endless sea of flashlight apps already on the market? All flashlight apps perform roughly the same function: they turn your screen bright white to help you illuminate your surroundings. The Brightest Flashlight app does that as well, but it has several thoughtful features that put it above the rest. In addition to your screen, it makes use of all of your phone’s available light sources including backlit keyboards, notification lights, and your camera’s flash. It also automatically shuts off after two minutes, so it won’t drain your battery if you accidentally turn it on in your pocket.




For those that don’t know, widgets are like mini-applications that you can access straight from your home screen without launching an entirely new app. Widgetsoid is a neat little app that lets you create your own custom widgets to adjust phone settings without going deep into your phone’s menu. You can make widgets that can keep your phone from falling asleep, turn vibrate mode on and off, add contacts, and many other useful tasks just by toggling a switch on your home screen. Once you make a custom set of widgets for your most used settings, you’ll wonder how you ever changed settings before.

Dolphin Browser

When it comes to using the Internet on a smartphone, most Android users stick with the default browser or else go for popular computer-based browsers like Firefox. But if you take a few seconds to download Dolphin Browser, you’ll probably never go back. What separates Dolphin Browser is that it takes advantage of features specific to a touch screen phone instead of just treating it like a miniature computer. The coolest feature is the ability to jump to your favorite sites through customizable gestures. For example, you can set it so every time you trace the letter “f” on your home screen, it opens up Facebook. Another great feature is its tab browsing, which lets you scroll through different open pages simply by flicking your finger across the screen. Your fingers will thank you for not having to constantly type out URLs on tiny keyboards.


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