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The Cricket Navigator GPS Device

Cricket Communications is part of the Leap Wireless network. In just one year, Cricket has grown from nearly four million customers, to just under five million. Cricket’s flat rates, pre-paid options, and value innovations make it a successful industry leader in wireless communications. The Navigator, a voice-guided navigation solution that gives turn-by-turn directions, is powered by none other than the former Networks in Motion, Telecommunications Systems.


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Cricket Navigator

Worldwide Global Subscriptions Reach 5 Billion

Within the month of September 2010, the global subscription rate for cellular phones reached a staggering 5 billion users. This means nearly 75% of the population, worldwide, is using mobile phone service. iSuppli Corporation released this information, and other market research, in order to aid technology leaders of the coming needs of cell phone patrons.


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Instant Mobile Hotspots

Those who depend upon their wireless service can breathe easier knowing that their service will not be interrupted in big cities. The emergence of hot spots and WiFi in restaurants, city centers, libraries, and other locations, makes internet browsing on the go easier and more practical. From finding a well reviewed eatery, to locating your hotel during a business trip, hot spots can be important.


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The Best Android Apps

The overwhelming amount of apps available for Android OS may not amount to the iPhone App Store just yet, but already, the quality and value have been surpassed. Android users are grateful to have an operating system that caters to those who appreciate control, quality, and precision. At any given moment, the Android is developing and distributing new and creative apps, so this “Best” list is strictly based on Fall 2010 trends. Depending upon your interests, the order of this list may vary!

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