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Cut through the Email Clutter with the Android Gmail App

Android Gmail App | Priority Inbox

If you haven't discovered the Priority Inbox available through Android's Gmail app, then you may be missing important messages or spending too much time looking at unimportant emails. Most email providers organize your emails by order of arrival. While you may be able to setup your email account to show the oldest email first, you'll still have to scroll through your most recent messages to find the ones that you need to read.

Android’s Gmail app allows you to prioritize your inbox to organize your email according to your own criteria. With this type of virtual assistant, you'll never again miss that email from your boss that got buried under the rest of your mail! In addition to setting up filters, the app learns over time, organizing uncategorized messages based on your trends. If you have a friend you send emails to on a daily basis, the Priority Inbox will recognize messages from this person as more important than ones from a person you correspond with once a month.


Download the App

If you don't have the app, you'll need to visit Android's Market to download it. You can search for the app by looking for Gmail apps. Most Android phones will have Gmail included, so you may just need to update the app to add the option to prioritize your inbox.

Tip: If the update is missing, you may not have Android 2.2 or you may already have the Priority Inbox installed.

Obvious Tip: You'll need a Gmail account to use this app.


Set the Priority Inbox as Your Default

Priority Inbox gives you the option of setting it up as a default inbox. By doing so, you'll see your prioritized messages as soon as you log in to Gmail. Here's how to set up the default:

1. Open Android's Gmail app.
2. Select the "Menu" option.
3. Choose "More" and select "Settings."
4. Locate the box next to "Make Priority Inbox your default" and click on it so it shows a checkmark.

Tip: If you don't want to use the Priority Inbox as a default, you can access it at any time by using the "Labels" option. Once you do this, you should see the organized messages.


Categorize Your Email History

When you set up your Priority Inbox, it will sort the past four days, according to your filters. If you want to organize all the emails in your inbox, you'll have to change the settings for the Android app. You can do this by following these steps:

1. Open the "Settings." You'll find this under the "More" tab in the "Menu" option.
2. Locate the "Synchronization within the Gmail application" option.
3. Change the value to "All."


Adjust Mistakes

While the app works without major flaws, it may wrongly categorize an email on occasion. When this happens, mark the messages as "Important" or "Not important" with the settings.

Inboxes can fill up quickly, and much of the mail you receive may not be essential to your daily to-do list. With Android's Gmail app, you can streamline your inbox so that you rest assured that you’re not missing anything important.

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