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Cricket Navigator

Cricket Communications is part of the Leap Wireless network. In just one year, Cricket has grown from nearly four million customers, to just under five million. Cricket’s flat rates, pre-paid options, and value innovations make it a successful industry leader in wireless communications. The Navigator, a voice-guided navigation solution that gives turn-by-turn directions, is powered by none other than the former Networks in Motion, Telecommunications Systems.


With the innovation of the Cricket Navigator, customers will be able to get easy-to-read directions from pre-set locations like “Home” “Office” or “School” to any address, nationwide. The best feature of the Cricket Navigator, some say, is the detour option, which allows drivers to find alternate routes if accidents occur, or roads are icy.


Available free in several different plans, the Navigator can be added to $30 and $40 plans for just five dollars a month. This means that every user will have access to this great resource, and will no longer be tied to cumbersome options like TomTom. Including real-time traffic updates and gas prices, show times for theaters and local entertainment options, the Navigator also is capable of hyper-local searches using Yellow and White Pages. This means that no matter where you are, you’ll have fun entertainment options, and restaurant suggestions. The best part about Cricket Navigator is that it can go with the cell phone owner, from car to car, state to state, and even on long bike rides. Not only does it provide ease of travel, but safety and security.


The Cricket Navigator is now available, and can easily be downloaded from the Apps Catalog. It’s already installed in certain Cricket devices, like the Samsung MyShot II. Cricket anticipates that the Navigator will be built-in to all of their phones in the future.

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