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Creating Ringtones on Your Android Phone


Ever since cell phones made the transition from irritating chirps to rockin' ringtones, users have been busy downloading their favorite songs. The only problem is that this habit can get a little expensive. If you'd like to save a little money or create a custom sound that no one else could ever duplicate, follow these steps to make your own ringtone.

Step 1 - Download the Ringdroid App
This popular app doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, but it's easy to understand and gets the job done. Ringdroid is completely free, and more than 250,000 users have used it to create their own ringtones.

Step 2 - Select a Song for the Ringtone
When the app is opened, it scans the SD card for any type of audio files. Select your choice of song or sound, and Ringdroid will take you to the editing screen.

Step 3 - Edit the Song
The editing screen includes a sound-wave graph that provides a visual representation of the file. To select a portion of the song, use the two tabs on either side of the graph to select beginning and ending points. If necessary, use the zooming feature for a more precise choice. When you're done, you can view the playable seconds, listen to the results and adjust your selection if necessary.

Step 4 - Save the Ringtone
When you're satisfied with the results, save your work to the phone. At this point, the phone will ask if you'd like to use your new file as the ringtone. Respond accordingly to complete the process.

Creating Your Own Custom Ringtones
While most smartphone users use prerecorded songs with Ringdroid, custom ringtones are easy to create. To use this option, record your choice of sounds and follow the same set of steps. Whether you save a song from the radio, your own voice or your dog barking, your phone will sound exactly like you want it to whenever you receive a call.


Other Great Ringtone Apps
Here are a few more great ringtone apps you can try instead:


  • Ringtone Maker - Use this app to use other people's custom ringtones or make your own from any MP3 file.


  • Ringtone Architect - Out of all the available ringtone makers, this app has one of the most robust interfaces. View the entire file at the top of the screen while you work with a portion at a time in the middle. Ringtone Architect is also one of the few ringtone makers that has a fade-in/fade-out capability.


  • MP3 Ringtone Maker - This is another app that can make ringtones from MP3 files. It also includes a library of MP3 files and other ringtones for you to use on your phone.


By following these easy steps, you can create an entire collection of ringtones to clearly identify your phone and your personality. If you really enjoy this process, why stop at one or two? With most phones, you can set a different ringtone for each caller. With this plan, call screening will be easier than ever.

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