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Cord Cutting: Has Your Home Gone Mobile?


The home phone, once considered a cutting edge innovation, is losing popularity in a market increasingly dominated by mobile phones. Today 82% of Americans have a mobile phone and about 30% of adults do not use a home phone at all and rely exclusively on mobile phones. A major reason for the home phone’s decline is convenience. Even the most staunch technophobe cannot deny the benefits of having a phone on you at all times.

Here are a few reasons why people have moved away from landlines.


Remember corded phones? It may seem funny now, but it wasn’t too long ago that having a phone cord long enough to stretch from the kitchen to the living room was considered a major convenience. Today, the endless mobility afforded by mobile phones is expected.



For some home phone owners, cell phone plans are seen as an unwanted expense. The solution for many has been to eliminate their landlines entirely to free up funds for mobile plans. People can also reduce costs by getting a mobile plan that is tailored to individual phone habits. Families can get discounted group deals and occasional phone users can get prepaid wireless plans.

The customizable nature of cell phones has led them to become a full-blown style accessory. Mobile phones can be made into an extension of one’s personality through cool protective covers or a ringtone from your favorite band.



You may ask why you would need internet on your phone. The fact is that a growing number of people are finding the value in mobile internet. 23.5% of people are using mobile internet and that number is expected to grow to 35.1% by 2015.

Of U.S. mobile web users, 25% use it exclusively, avoiding the additional cost of having traditional internet altogether. In Egypt, that number is 70%! These numbers are growing and retailers have taken notice. Today, 90% of new phones are internet ready.

Mobile internet has all the same features as its desktop counterpart, and smartphones allow you to check restaurant reviews, book hotels, or just browse on-the-go.


Potential mobile phone users can choose between several different operating systems that allow for different phone functionalities. Here’s the breakdown of the popularity of today’s top platforms.




Mobile phones are superior to landlines in almost every conceivable way, and they are only getting better and more affordable. Those that take advantage of mobile phones will find the world to be a safer and more convenient place.

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