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Celebrate the End of Summer with 7 Staycation Apps

Use these Android Apps to plan your summer staycation.

The end of summer is here, but there’s still time to fit in a vacation, especially if you make it a staycation. Find fun, new ways to explore your city with your Cricket smartphone and this selection of Android apps for events, hiking, boating, surfing, watching movies, taking pictures and many other activities for you and the whole family.


Kids Zoo Animal Sounds & Photos

A free and fun app that helps kids recognize animals and their sounds. Don’t have a zoo in your home city? You and your kids can enjoy a video zoo experience by the click of a button on your smartphone. Download Kids Zoo Animal Sounds & Photos for free at Google Play.



Remember that family vacation by taking pictures of every moment. Pick from a variety of filtered affects and transform everyday moments into works of art you’ll want to share with everyone. Download Instagram for free at Google Play.


AllTrails – Hiking & Biking

A free app that allows you to browse through over 40,000 high-quality trail guides for outdoor activities, this app includes everything from hiking, mountain biking, and trail running to fly fishing and snowshoeing for all your family and friends to enjoy. Read and write trail reviews, share trails with friends, and access your trails without an internet connection. Download the free All Trails-Hiking & Biking App at Google Play.


Boat Ramps

Quickly locate and get directions to boat ramps all throughout the US for free. Browse through boat ramps nearest to your city. Once you find the boat ramp that you are looking for, the app will also provide you with directions on how to get there, enjoy a relaxing boat ride with family and friends in your home city. Download Boat Ramps for free at Google Play.


Surfline Surf Report

A must for all those surfers out there. This free app provides the most accurate surf reports and forecast 5-days in advance for thousands of surf sports worldwide. You have the ability to move between your favorite surf sports with just a swipe of your finger and watch LIVE streaming HD cams at over 100 breaks in the US and Hawaii. Take your family and friends and enjoy a fun day of surfing at your local beach. Download Surfline Surf Report App for free at Google Play.



Start enjoying movies immediately on your phone with their one-month free trial. Watch a movie anywhere, anytime with family and friends. Search for titles and rate your favorite shows and movies so that Netflix can suggest the best titles for you. Download the free Netflix App at Google Play.


Cricket 411

Bundled with your Cricket service, Cricket 411 allows you to make unlimited calls to find phone numbers or addresses using 411 Directory Assistance. You can be connected directly to the number you requested and also receive a text message with the number. It offers an interactive phone book experience that provides information about local restaurants, hotels and night clubs in your hometown.


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