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Best Websites for Finding Android Apps

As the Android market rapidly expands, the variety of websites offering app downloads can be overwhelming. Which one can you trust to offer the best selection along with the most reliable information? To help answer this question, we've compiled this list of the best websites for finding Android apps.


Android App Review Source


This site provides unbiased reviews of the latest Android apps along with in-depth information about your favorite mobile platform. From Android news to interviews with your favorite app developers, Android App Review Source strives to keep its audience completely informed. If you're looking for something specific, you won't have to search this site to find it. Displayed on the left side of the home page is a detailed list of categories, including:


  • The latest Android news


  • Apps by category, rating, and release date


  • Hacks and modifications


  • Latest Android devices

Android Tapp


Android Tapp also offers professional app reviews in addition to the latest news and information about the Android platform. However, no set of screenshots can compare to a video review. On this site, you can see numerous apps in action before downloading one onto your smartphone. This fits right in with this site's "try before you buy" theme. Although they don't have a video for every available app, Android Tapp promises more are in the works. If you're an independent app developer, this is a great site for you, too! The large audience and special developer features could make this the best launch platform for your next project.




AppBrain doesn't waste any time or space on news reports or fancy articles. Instead, they get right down to business with app ratings, installation tools, user reviews and social-networking capabilities. Members can go straight to their favorite category directly from the menu or browse the latest releases to try something new. Before downloading, review features, descriptions and user reviews. No professional product reviews are offered.

Android Central


This site is on a quest to be the "Center of the Android Universe." This is great if you're looking for a phone, service, and information, but it can be a little much when you just want to download a new app. However, once you reach the app review section, you'll be amazed at the level of detail included in the articles. If you need any more information, look for how-to videos or join the Android Central community forum.



This blog-style site contains a wealth of information for the Android user. If you're just getting started or thinking about buying an Android for the first time, don't miss their beginner's guide. Once you click on the app directory, you can filter the results by paid or free, star rating or category. For each app, the following information is provided:


  • Standard description


  • Screenshots


  • App statistics including system requirements and total downloads


  • User comments


  • No professional app reviews are available

A Little Friendly Advice
Almost every Android-app site allows users to review each application. When reading this information, always take it with a grain of salt. Both positive and negative reviews are based on a single person's individual experience; they will vary widely based on that person's preferences, their phone's capabilities and their ability to understand the app. In many cases, a poor review is simply the result of the user not taking the time to fully understand the features and capabilities of an app before downloading. Instead, base your decision on the material provided by professional app reviewers. Otherwise, you may never have the courage to download a single piece of software for your Android phone.

With trusted sources and a wealth of helpful information, you can download Android apps with confidence. After all, there's no point in having a smart phone if you don't take full advantage of its capabilities.

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