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Android Apps for Artists

True artists can turn almost anything into a masterpiece when inspiration strikes. To satisfy your need to create on the go, the Android market has a number of free or inexpensive apps that can turn your smart phone into a mobile art studio. If you'd like to express your innermost feelings using your Android, choose one or more of these Android apps for artists.

Canvas Pro
Price: $2.99
Downloads: 500+

Canvas pro is a full-featured painting and photo-editing suite developed for the Android platform. Custom brushes and a full color palette help the user create images that look remarkably like an authentic oil painting with realistic shading and brushstrokes. Photo-editing features include lasso selection, multi-layer editing and an integrated file manager. Actual users compare this app to the ever-popular Photoshop application.

Art Academy
Price: Free
Downloads: 5,000+

You don't have to be an artist to enjoy this free art history app. Turn your Android into a robust art-history reference tool that includes more than 3,000 of the world's most loved masterpieces. Browsing this virtual gallery reveals each piece of art in vivid detail along with background information including artist and museum information. Switch to museum view and walk down the virtual halls of the most prestigious institutions in the world to view their exhibits. To add a sense of community, the Art Academy allows you to share your favorite works of art with your friends through email, texting, Twitter or Facebook.

Spray Painter
Price: Free
Downloads: 250,000+

This fun little app puts you in touch with your inner graffiti artist. Instead of risking it all by tagging the side of a random building, select from 10 colors, three spray patterns and five background patterns to create a virtual urban masterpiece. Shake your Android to mix the paint before spraying and watch the realistic drips run down a virtual wall when the nozzle is held in one place for too long. When you're done, save your creation to share with friends or use as wallpaper on your Android.

Price: Free (Pro Version costs $1)
Downloads: 50,000+

Draw(er) does more than just satisfy your need to doodle; it applies special effects and colors to your sketches and drawings. Save finished pieces in memory to share with your friends. This is a great way to pass the time while you're waiting in line!

Animating Touch
Price: Free
Downloads: 10,000+

This piece of Android software makes creating smooth animations easier than ever. Instead of working for hours creating frame after frame with slight variations on a single theme, sketch out a few key frames and let Animating Touch fill in the intermediate action for you. With great features like pre-configured items and built-in models, you'll be amazed at what you can create using just your Android device. Don't forget to share the finished video with your friends when you're done!

Price: $1.99
Downloads: 1,000+

If you're into stop-motion filming, use the Stop-Motion app to create amazing videos wherever you go. Simply capture related images with your phone's camera and this Android app will string them together automatically to create a realistic video in a .mov format. When you're done, upload the results to YouTube for the world to see or watch on the VLC viewer. Stop-Motion features HD-quality resolution, local playback, and grid overlay.

Who needs to lug around a huge art case or even log into a traditional computer to create their next masterpiece? With these apps, you can use the power of the Android platform to store a virtual art studio on your smart phone!

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