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6 Back to School Must-Haves You May Have Missed

Books in a library

Now that you are settled into your new school year routine, you may be realizing that your back to school shopping list was missing a few items. Here is a list of 6 must-haves for any high school or college student you may have missed.


A New Backpack or Book Bag

Many schools and students are trading in their traditional books for tablets and laptops. Protect your digital cargo with a stylish new bag. Most modern laptop bags include an extra compartment to hold a few books and documents along with mini-pockets for cell phones, keys and other smaller items.


STM Bags

Pictured is the Revolution Medium backpack from STM Bags


USB Flash Drive

A USB flash drive is a great way to carry all of your digital files, including homework, with you wherever you go. Start a project at school, take it to the library for additional research and submit your assignment from home. Dogs don’t care for 1s and 0s, so, “My dog ate my homework” is no longer a valid excuse. 


USB thumb drive


The Buffalo RUF2-JMS USB thumb drive available in 4GB and 8GB sizes


Reusable, Filtered Water Bottle

Our brains are 75% water. Stay smart by staying hydrated. Don’t be left high and dry without something to drink. By carrying your own reusable, filtered water bottle, you can stay hydrated while minimizing your impact on the environment and keeping that public water fountain taste out of your mouth.

The Hydros Bottle


A New Smartphone with Muve Music

Stay connected to your friends, family and an unlimited music collection with a Muve Music smartphone from Cricket Wireless. Muve Music is the only wireless service that includes unlimited talk, text, web and music downloads for one low monthly fee with no contract required and it does not count against your data allowance. Now you can check in with Mom, plan for the weekend with friends and be able to throw an instant dance party, all from your cell phone.

The HTC 1 featuring Muve Music from Cricket Wireless


A Smartphone To-Do App

Let’s face it, juggling your school, work and personal life is hectic. How do you do it? A Smartphone To-Do list app will help you list and prioritize your busy schedule. Just don’t forget to schedule some rest and relaxation time – you deserve it as busy as you are.



Astrid – the FREE, award-winning to-do list app available for IOS and Android phones


New Headphones

Experience your music in superior quality with a new pair of headphones and keep the music going throughout your long nights of studying without disturbing the neighbors. Buy a pair with a built-in microphone to double as a hands-free solution while driving. Just remember to take them out before class starts. 


The Skullcandy 50/50 earbuds with in-line microphone



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