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5 Environmentally Friendly Apps

The Android platform is going green! With apps that do everything from finding local produce to collecting data for global research projects, technology is making it even easier for you to do your part to save the planet. Download one or more of these environmentally friendly apps to stay green on-the-go.

1. Seasonal Harvest

Price: $0.99
Downloads: 100+

Buying local produce is a growing trend that benefits nearby farmers, the local economy and the customer. Unfortunately, local products are not always easy to find. Many farmer's markets are only open once every few weeks, and most farms with vegetable stands don't have enough money to advertise their services to the public. Seasonal Harvest is stepping in to bridge this gap.

This app lets you select locations by state or use the GPS to find which fruit and vegetables are in season in your area and where you can buy them. If you're not sure what to do with rhubarb or Swiss chard, just give the item a click for detailed information and recipes.

2. Green Mileage

Price: Free
Downloads: 5,000+

If you're concerned about the world's growing dependence on fossil fuels, Green Mileage can help you keep an eye on your own usage. Each time you put gas in your car, enter the odometer reading, the amount of fuel pumped, and the fuel price. In return, Green Mileage keeps a running list of your fuel usage and expenditures. The statistical tools included with this app let you compare your actual habits against your goals to see if you're improving.

3. Greenpeace Tissue Guide

Price: Free
Downloads: 500+

Greenpeace was concerned about the environment years before being green was in style. As major corporations have used this trend to widen their customer base by prominently advertising "recycled" on the packaging of most paper products, this non-profit organization has taken a closer look at each claim. To make sure you're not taken in by "greenwashing," check the Greenpeace Tissue Guide before buying toilet paper, paper towels, facial tissue, or paper napkins. This app gives the specific recycled content of each item in addition to recommending the greenest choices. Users can search by brand or manufacturer.


4. Visibility

Price: Free
Downloads: 1,000+

Visibility is a fascinating use of new technology to better the world. Take a picture of the sky with this app and send it on to the researchers at USC lab in order to participate in a global study that aims to better assess the air quality and pollution levels around the world.

5. Eco Buzz Widget

Price: Free
Downloads: 10,000+

This isn't an app, but the wealth of information provided by this widget earns it a place on the list. Eco Buzz delivers the latest environmental news directly to your phone. View global news updates with the option to expand articles that spark your interest using the full screen reader.

These apps can help you meet your goal of living a greener life. Whether you choose to buy local, stick with recycled products or help in some other way, your Android phone makes it fun and easy.

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