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5 Bizarre Android Apps that Are Actually Useful

Some Android apps are useful, some are fun, and some are just plain bizarre. Because anyone can turn their wildest dream into an app with a little bit of money and programming knowledge, the Android market is full of unusual products. To illustrate this point, here are five bizarre, but strangely useful, Android apps.


1. Let's Create! Pottery - $4.76
Who hasn't felt the urge to sculpt a new vase on the way to the theater? This app allows both experienced and aspiring potters to record their mental designs on the go. Activate the program, give the wheel a spin and start creating pots, bowls and other assorted goods. The finished product will look exactly like you imagined it would. If only creating pottery in real life was this easy!

2. Bathing Cat - Free
There are tons of apps that let you keep track of your phone’s battery life, but there’s only one that also allows you to bathe dirty cats at the same time. Bathing Cat lets you change cats, tubs and backgrounds on a whim and use the water level as a battery indicator. Once you get past the fact that washing cats has absolutely no correlation to phones or batteries, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without this app. You seriously have to wonder what the designers of this app were thinking.

3. Fake Me Out of Here - $1.99
This one is definitely worth the two bucks! Who hasn't needed an excuse to get away from someone who just never shuts up? Just shake your phone, and you'll receive a fake phone call after just enough time to make it seem real. Fake Me Out of Here works with settings entered by the user including a predefined delay, caller-id information and a recorded message.


4. Mosquito Killer - Free
That's right! You can turn your Android into an effective mosquito repellant minus any smelly sprays -- and it really works. Set the app to emit a high pitched frequency that bugs hate, usually between 14 and 20 kHz. It may only be effective for a couple of feet, but you have to admit that it’s still pretty cool.


5. Sleep as Android  -  Free, $1.37 to unlock the tracking functions
Whether you're an insomniac or just obsessed with your sleep cycles, use the Sleep as Android app to track your sleep patterns and provide historical statistics using an easy-to-read graph. This app lulls you to sleep with soft music that decreases in volume as you begin to snooze and wakes you at the ideal time with the gentle sounds of nature. On the odd chance that anyone's as interested as you are in this information, you can share it all on Facebook. The weirdest part of this app is how it tracks your motion to determine how deep of a sleep you’re in and wake you up at the appropriate time. An app to make you less grumpy in the morning? Now that’s a million dollar idea.


It’s nice to know that there are dreamers out there developing apps that go against common sense, and that these strange apps can sometimes be the most useful of all. What crazy apps are on the horizon as developers become more familiar with the ins and outs of Android Smartphones?

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