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5 Best Games on Android OS

From Speed Forge 3D to the ultra-popular Blackjack Attack, there are games on Android OS that people are buzzing about, and for good reason! These games are exciting, fast-paced, and original (even the older games have been re-invented for Android). If you want to kick-back with your phone, and explore what Android has to offer, here is a list of suggestions for the most worthy games to waste your time!


5. Bejeweled

Worth: 5 Minutes


Though this game is a bit immature and youth-oriented, it’s worth a few minutes of your time. Available on Android, as well as on Mac and Windows, this popular game is easy and, some claim, addictive.


4. Wave Blazer

Worth: 10 Minutes


If you enjoy racing games, then Wave Blazer offers a fresh perspective on the pastime. Jump into your favorite floating rig, and watch the waves splatter as you crash into the competition! Wave Blazer is excellent the first time around, and worth playing once more, too.


3. Abduction

Worth: 1 Hour


The token free game on the list, Abduction is a must for anyone who cried after watching Fire in the Sky. In this game, you save your fellow animals from abduction using your cell phone like a Wii remote. There are hidden levels, and surprise animals when you do well, too. Abduction is great for all ages.


2. Buka

Worth: 30 Minutes, Several Times


Get this colorful little orb to his “Happy Place” by navigating your way through asteroids and weapons. Strategies required; skills not necessary. This is a fun, effortless game for casual players with half an hour to spare.


1. Battle for Mars

Worth: Several Hours


The best Android game thus far, Battle for Mars brings old school layouts to modern elements of gaming. Various maps and weapons will keep you entertained for hours, not to mention the different terrains, spanning from mountainous to deep-sea. Fight the aliens using your own sim-like robots and soldiers, and spend some time crashing spaceships, too!


Whether you have five minutes or a few hours, playing Android games is a great way to waste time. From classics with modern twists, to the far-fetched storylines of new games, there’s a game for any kind of person.

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