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3 Must-Have Apps for Today's Business Professionals

With the help of modern technology, today's business professionals are no longer tied to a desk. Laptops, smartphones, and WiFi connections make working from any location commonplace.

With the power of Android smartphones and feature-packed business apps, workers can stay connected with the office using a device small enough to slip into their pocket. If you'd like to convert your Android into a remote office, don't miss these three must-have Android apps.
1. Cisco WebEx Meeting
Business Function: Web Conferencing and Team Collaboration
Cost: Free
Installs: 50,000+

Powered by Cisco, the world leader in networking technology, you can depend on this Android app to deliver on its promises. Cisco WebEx Meeting allows you to participate fully in every business meeting whether you're running late, taking a sick day, or running an emergency errand.

Cisco WebEx Meeting features:


  • Participate in WebEx meetings from any location


  • Full-screen view


  • Audio connections use three simple methods including VoIP, direct dialing, and call-back features


  • View any type of shared content including screen views, documents, and applications


  • Zoom and scan shared content


  • View a participant list and chat with the group or an individual


  • Muting features to protect your privacy


  • View upcoming meetings


  • Manage meetings through scheduling, cancellation, invitation, and expulsion features


  • Uses either 3G or Wi-Fi networking capabilities

Although Adobe and Fuze also offer web-conferencing apps, neither provide the same robust list of features offered through WebEx.

2. Documents ToGo Full Version
Business Function: Document Management
Cost: $14.99 on sale, $29.99 regular price
Installs: 100,000+

Although the Documents ToGo app does come in a free version, the full program is well worth the price. Any experienced business professional knows that the corporate world depends on Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and Adobe PDF files. The free version allows users to view read-only Word and Excel files. The, full version gives users additional power to edit these files along with Google Docs and Adobe PDF files. Additional features:

  • Password protection in MS Word and Excel


  • Ability to sync  files with a desktop or laptop with a USB cable


  • Commonly-used text formatting features and over 100 spreadsheet functions


  • Access to both sent and received email attachments


  • Support for nine different languages

Although some competing products sell for less and promise more bells and whistles, none have proven as reliable as Documents ToGo. In the business world, dependability and ease-of-use trump fancy features.

3. VNC Viewer
Business Function: Remote Desktop Control
Cost: $7.99
Installs: 5,000+

This app lets you use your phone to control any desktop or laptop as if you were sitting in front of the keyboard. You can run an application, change your settings, or access any file.

For this app to work, the desktop needs to be configured to accept the connection. The remote computer must maintain an internet connection, and you may need to load a companion application on the other machine depending on the OS.

VNC Viewer features:


  • Ability to remotely control other computers


  • Support for multiple connections and allows the user to set easy-to-remember names


  • Pinch-to-zoom functionality


  • User-friendly navigation


  • Mouse-button mode


  • An upgrade to the VNC Enterprise Edition which provides cutting-edge encryption and authentication capabilities

With Android technology, today's business professional can stay on top of work when outside the office without being weighed down by equipment. From web conferencing to connecting to the corporate network, anything is possible with the right app.

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