cricket flat auxiliary cable


These high-quality flat cable tangle free aux-in cable is the perfect solution for playing your Muve Music playlists on your car or home stereo. Simply plug one end into the headphone socket of your Muve Music phone and the other into the jack in your car or home stereo. The auxiliary cable features a flat design that prevents tangling. This makes the cable easy to store, since you can wind it without having to worry about knots or kinks.

compatible phones

  • Alcatel Authority
  • Apple® iPhone® 5c (16GB) Blue
  • Apple® iPhone® 5c (16GB) White
  • Apple® iPhone® 5s (16GB) Gold
  • Apple® iPhone® 5s (16GB) Silver
  • Apple® iPhone® 5s (16GB) Space Gray
  • Cricket Engage MT
  • HTC Desire C
  • HTC One SV Black
  • HTC One V
  • Huawei Ascend II
  • Huawei Mercury
  • LG Optimus C
  • LG Optimus Regard™
  • Samsung Comment™ 3
  • Samsung Galaxy Admire™ 2
  • Samsung Galaxy Discover™
  • Samsung Galaxy Discover™ White
  • Samsung Galaxy S® 4 (Black)
  • Samsung Galaxy S® 4 (White)
  • Samsung Galaxy S® III (White)
  • Samsung Suede™
  • Samsung Transfix™
  • ZTE Chorus
  • ZTE Engage
  • ZTE Groove
  • ZTE Score
  • ZTE Source