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$65 Plan

$65 Plan


High-speed wireless Internet access with:

usage level - 8GB at Best Speed ?

download speed - up to 1.4Mbps ?

ideal for

  • Staying Connected
  • email
  • web browsing
  • Facebook
  • IM / chat / Twitter
  • sharing pictures
  • Entertainment
  • streaming video
  • streaming music
  • online gaming
  • Sharing & Heavy Usage
  • small office
  • families
  • heavy data usage


  • no signed contracts
  • no overages
  • no catch

Now your laptop or desktop computer can have mobile data access on Cricket’s 3G network.  With Cricket Broadband, you have the freedom to connect to the Internet from any Cricket Broadband coverage area. Just buy a Cricket Broadband modem and for only $65 per month get Internet access on the go.


The $65 Broadband plan always gives you unlimited mobile data access with a full-speed data allowance of 8GB. Pick the plan that matches the type of data you use, so you get the best speeds possible. 8GB is equivalent to 400 hours of basic web browsing like email, Facebook or 2000 song downloads, or 80+ hours of streaming video. 8GB is a sufficient amount of usage for families or small offices to share a single broadband device between multiple computers. It’s a great mobile data plan for heavy users.


Cricket data plans will never cut you off. Instead, this plan has a full-speed data allowance of 8GB. The first 8GB of mobile data that you use in a month of service will be at downloads speeds up to 1.4Mbps. Any data usage beyond 8GB in a month of service will be at reduced speeds. In order to continue full-speed data you may purchase data add-ons or enable pay-as-you-go data and fund your Flex Bucket.

plan features

Service Area
Cricket 3G Nationwide Data Coverage
Other Available Features
Device Replacement Program
Available Add-on
Additional 1 GB Full-Speed Data
Available Add-on
Pay as you Go
Pay As You Go Data
$1.00 per 50 Megabytes
Contract Terms and Fees
Activation Fee
Carrier's Early Termination Fee
Contract Term
Security Deposit
Wireless Network
Network Type
Digital Cellular

Comparison based on AT&T Unlimited Nation Plan plus DataPro Smartphone package and Verizon's Unlimited Nationwide Plan plus Smartphone data package.