cricket ec1705 modem

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Cricket EC1705 Modem

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The Cricket EC1705 modem is a feature-rich modem in a compact size and light weight.  It connects your laptop or desktop computer to the Cricket high-speed wireless network.  You can send and receive text messages, and use it in all Cricket Broadband coverage areas.  The USB extension cable offers additional flexibility to connect to different USB locations in your PC.  The Cricket EC1705 modem offers you convenience, speed and power, all of which you’re sure to appreciate.

key features
Tri-band Mode
Tri-band Mode
Key Features
Tri-band Mode
Tri-Band Modem
Text Messaging
Physical Characteristics
Data Port
Dimensions (H x W x D)
3.27 x 1.04 x 0.48 Inches
Weight (w/Standard Battery)
0.73 oz
LED indicator
Wireless Network Capability
Mobile RxDiversity
Data Transfer Speed
Additional Features
Contact Directory

included accessories

  • USB extension cable
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    Downloads and Resources:

    • Download the preloaded software for your PC or Mac computer.
    • If you wish to use parental controls or filter certain content you’ll need to purchase software that accomplishes the monitoring service. If you wish to filter or restrict such content, go to: or


    System Requirements:

    Supported operating systems:

    • Windows Vista (SP1) or higher
    • Windows XP (SP2) or higher
    • Windows 2000 (SP4)
    • Mac OS X (10.4.11+) and (10.5+)

    To install the modem and the software, these minimum system resources are required:

    • Port: Type A USB port
    • Processor: 300MHz or faster
    • Memory: 512 MB
    • Free disk space: 30 MB
    • Screen Resolution: 800x600, 256 colors


    Installation Instructions

    Windows Setup Instructions

    1. To install on your hard drive, connect your device to your PC. The installation process will start automatically.
      Select the language for the installation from the choices below – “English”and “Spanish” and click “Next.”
    2. In the “Cricket Broadband Connect – License Agreement” screen, you will see the program user license Agreement. In order to install and use this product, you must
      agree with the terms of this agreement. Select “I agree” then click the “Next” button to continue. If you do not agree with this agreement, click the “Cancel” button to exit.
    3. After agreeing to the License Agreement, you will see the “Cricket Broadband Connect - Setup Type” screen. You can select from the two setup type – Express install or
      Custom Install. It is recommended that you choose Express Install. Click the “Next” button to continue.
    4. During this step, the components of Cricket Broadband Connect are being installed onto your computer.
    5. “The Install shield Wizard has successfully installed Cricket Broadband Connect“ appears on the screen. Click the “Finish” button.
    6. The setup program will create an Access shortcut and the Cricket Broadband Connect will launch automatically. Now the installation is complete.

    Mac OS X Setup Instructions

    1. Click the Cricket Broadband Connect setup program. When the pop-up screen appears to confirm installing the software, click the “Continue” button to continue with the installation process.
    2. The “Welcome” screen appears. Click the “Continue” button.
    3. Read the “Read Me” screen and continue installing the software. You may “Print” or “Save” the “Read Me” file for future reference.
    4. After the “Read Me” screen, you will see the Cricket Broadband Connect License Agreement. Carefully read the license agreement and press “Continue” to install the Cricket Broadband Connect setup program. In order to install and use this product you must agree with the terms of this agreement. Select the “Agree” button to continue. If you do not agree with this agreement, click the “Disagree” button to exit.
    5. You are now ready to select the location on your computer where Cricket Broadband Connect should be installed.
    6. During this step the components of Cricket Broadband Connect are being installed onto your computer. Installation will occur to the destination folder specified in Step 5 above. Installing the software requires you to restart your computer when the installation is complete. Please check that no other programs are running, then press “Continue
    7. While your computer is running the installer script, do not turn your computer off. If you want to create an Access shortcut on your desktop, press “Yes”.
    8. Installation is now complete. Click the “Restart” button to leave the Cricket Broadband Connect setup program and restart your computer.
    • Please note that Text Messaging is currently unavailable on Mac; this functionality is coming soon!
    • After complete the installation, Quick Start Guide will be installed to your PC. Adobe Acrobat reader required to view this file.



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    Cricket is upgrading its CDMA network to 4G GSM and expects to stop offering CDMA wireless service as early as March 2015. THIS CDMA PHONE WILL NO LONGER WORK ON OUR WIRELESS NETWORK AFTER WE COMPLETE THIS UPGRADE.

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