supplier qualification process

Supplier Qualification Process

Cricket's policy is to select suppliers that offer the best overall value. Price is only one component of overall value. Other factors include: the ability to consistently meet or exceed our requirements, providing quality goods and services, and the ability to adapt to our environment, including our business growth; and minority, woman, and disabled veteran-owned business enterprises.

Minimum Requirements

Potential suppliers must meet certain minimum qualification requirements to work with Cricket. Those requirements will vary depending on product and service however the following criteria are commonly required before entering into any business relationships.

Financial Stability

Cricket will review credit and financial reports in the process of determining if a potential supplier has a good enough credit and is financially sound. Suppliers must able to provide their most recent financial statements.

Established Business

Potential suppliers should be in business for at least a year, be able to demonstrate their track record and revenue for that period, and can provide references of satisfied customers.

US Federal Taxpayer ID

Suppliers must be able to provide a Federal Taxpayer ID.

Insurance Requirements

Potential suppliers must have full insurance coverage compatible with the risks of their business, such as General Liability Insurance, Automobile Liability, Workers' Compensation, Employer's Liability and Professional Liability. Cricket determines the insurance coverage required by our contracts.

Quality Standards

Suppliers must provide high quality products and equipment that are fully warranted. Suppliers must perform services professionally and to Cricket's satisfaction.

If you have any questions regarding the Supplier Qualification Process and how to become a Cricket Supplier, please forward your inquiries to