Cell Phone Green Procurement Policy

Cricket Green Procurement Policy

Cricket is committed to being a good corporate citizen and is actively taking steps to minimize the impact of its operations on the environment. As such, Cricket prefers to work with vendors who are similarly committed to green initiatives. This environmental purchasing policy of Cricket has been set up to provide guidance in the purchasing of products and services that meet the environmental goals of our company. Cricket will only do business with suppliers that are in compliance with all applicable laws relating to the environment, with a preference to suppliers who abide by more stringent standards that may have been established by other bodies, e.g. particular industry requirements, or any EU directives. Purchasing preference (whenever feasible) will be given to products that:

  • Look at the entire product life cycle – from product concept, ending with recycling of the product, the treatment of waste, and the recovery of used material
  • Use new and more environmentally friendly materials
  • Use recycled materials
  • Create smaller and smarter packaging where all materials can be recycled and also include less printed material in the packaging
  • Use approved, tested and sustainable materials in their products
  • Promote in house energy conservation activities
  • Ensure environmental assessment is done throughout the product lifecycle
  • Purchase recyclable materials that contribute to resource conservation
  • Purchase the right amount at the time needed
  • Promote internal awareness of environmental issues with their staff, including environmental initiatives with its employees
  • Promote resource conservation based on specific reduction targets for vehicle fuel, water, travel expense, gases, paper and packing materials

Favor will also be given to suppliers who offer environmentally preferable products, who work to exceed their environmental performance expectations, and who can show documentation of their supply-chain impacts.

Environmentally preferable products and services of similar quality and price to conventional counterparts should gain a purchasing preference. When the greenest option is not available, too costly, or impractical, Cricket will look at how the products are produced, as well as the environmentally and socially responsible management practices of suppliers and producers.

The Cricket policy of purchasing environmentally preferable products is one element in our continuing, long-range commitment to the environment. By adopting this policy, we hope to likewise engage the producers and suppliers of office products and services we use to utilize business practices that also reduce their impact on the environment.