The Federal Communications Commission has set forth requirements for wireless carriers and wireless device manufacturers to implement the Twenty First Century Communications & Video Accessibility Act of 2012 ("CVAA") which requires providers of advanced communications services and device manufacturers to make their services and products accessible to people with disabilities.
Cricket Communications considers accessibility in our device evaluation, selection and review process. We regularly solicit information from each of our featured device OEM's on their efforts to comply with CVAA and information on accessibility features and applications. As well as specific information about accessibility features of devices and operating systems.
Cricket Communications offers service plans and features that meet the needs of disabled communities, including unlimited voice, messaging and data services for a low flat-rate monthly price. Cricket offers the most competitive rate plans in the wireless industry. And with national coverage, accessibility has never been easier.
Cricket offers a wide array of devices to fit our customers' needs including feature phones, Android Smartphones and Apple iPhones.
Google Chrome is available on all Android Smart Phones. Safari is offered on all Apple iPhones.
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